Choose your own adventure…

You’ve just received some income!  After you budget out your living expenses there is a little extra…

If you pay down your credit debt, such as credit cards, auto loans, student loans…

If you save some money in your savings account…

If you try to do both…

It makes no difference which one you choose because there is ALWAYS something!!  When living paycheck to paycheck, there is ALWAYS something.  If something unexpected doesn’t occur then you can be certain that you’ll eventually have a bad day and use whatever coping mechanism brings comfort.  As harmless as chocolate, and cheeseburgers, maybe some wine or vicodin, a few bowls of weed with a catchy sounding name to or heavy hitting drug found only on the black market.  If it’s not a selfish reason then it will be “Lisa needs braces,” or “The dog / cat / chicken is sick and needs to see the vet!”

Now you have the choice of spending that SAVED money or you will have to CHARGE it to the credit card that you just paid down.


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